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The Real Tales series is for lovers of truth. False tales can overshadow the young minds of children and lure them away from the natural love for truth that every child is born with. Every book in this series tells you a real story. In fact, these stories are more wondrous than any you’d ever find in fairy tales. Why? Simply because they are true, historical events and not mere imagination. The stories have been selected, leveled, written, and illustrated with great care into a delicious blend of literary fun and tarbiyah.

Level 4 ideal age range – 9-12 Years (English)

  1. Talut Jalut
  2. The Murderer’s Repentance
  3. The Giant Camel
  4. The Brave Youths Of Ephesus
  5. The Boy And The Magician
  6. The Incredible Wall








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